NatureWise® is a sound way to bring environmentally friendly electricity to UPPCO customers. Your purchase of NatureWise energy supports the local generation of renewable electricity from wind (50%) and biogas (50%). Biogas is a naturally produced methane gas from landfills and animal wastes processed by on-farm anaerobic digesters. This biogas fuels large generators to provide clean energy while reducing the impact of this significant greenhouse gas.

NatureWise Programs

Wind power does not pollute the air or water, does not create any waste products, and does not produce any greenhouse gases. Biomass energy converts waste from farms and landfills to produce valuable green electricity.

This benefits the environment because using the methane from waste products as a fuel is better for the environment than releasing the methane into the air or burning it off. In addition, NatureWise saves resources for the future. As demand increases for renewable energy, UPPCO will add more renewable electricity to the NatureWise mix of resources.