If you choose to buy your energy supply from an Alternative Electric Supplier, here is a step-by-step action plan for you to follow:

  1. Identify and understand your electric supply needs – Look at your electric supply use and understand how it affects your overall business operations. If you need information on your energy use, call our Business Solutions Center at 800-337-8445 or 906-449-2014.
  2. Determine if you are eligible to participate in the Electric Customer Choice program – There are some guidelines that may prevent a customer from choosing a different supplier right away. These include, but are not limited to:
    • A customer must satisfy any past due balance with the utility prior to taking service from an AES under the RAST tariff.
  3. Identify if there are any Alternative Electric Suppliers available to you – An Alternative Electric Supplier is someone other than your local utility who buys electricity for your use from another generator. A list of licensed suppliers available in the state is on the Michigan Public Service Commission’s website. To see if a supplier is certified with UPPCO, call our Business Solutions Center at 800-337-8445 or 906-449-2014.
  4. Determine what the best electric supply option is for you – If you choose to stay with UPPCO, you do nothing. If you find an Alternative Electric Supplier to serve you and you want to switch, you will need to set terms and sign a contract with that supplier. Be certain to compare the total costs for the same supply services from each company you consider. Remember your delivery service remains with your local utility. Your Alternative Electric Supplier will submit a ‘switch request’ to UPPCO.
  5. Confirm switch request and metering requirements – UPPCO will validate the switch request, determine if special metering is required, set a switch date and notify you and the Alternative Electric Supplier of the pending switch.
  6. Alternative Electric Supplier supplies electricity to you – UPPCO continues to deliver electricity to you.
  7. Alternative Electric Supplier bills you for your electric supply service – UPPCO bills you for electric distribution service.

Return/Change to Supplier

A customer must notify their current electric supplier if they wish to change AES’s or return to the utility. Their current supplier must submit a ‘drop request’ form, which will be validated by UPPCO. Metering and billing services will be changed accordingly. An Alternative Electric Supplier may also withdraw from the market, forcing a customer to switch to a different AES or return to the utility.