What Factors Influence Electricity Use in Michigan?

Several factors can influence your monthly electric use. These factors can be measured by UPPCO, and we summarize them on your monthly bill.

Billing Days
The number of days between the monthly meter readings may vary slightly – it won’t be exactly 30 or 31 days each month due to weekends and holidays. Your bill shows the number of billing days included and how that compares with the same month last year.
Average Daily Temperature
Weather can play a significant role in how much energy you use. Cold winters increase electricity use due to furnace fans/pumps running more often, heat tape, plugging in vehicles, and portable electric heaters. Warmer summers increase electricity use due to central air, window air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.
Degree Days
Degree days measure how much higher or lower the average daily temperature was compared with a base of 65° Fahrenheit. The average daily temperature is subtracted from 65°. The higher the Heating Degree Days, the more likely your heating system needed to run to warm your home. In summer, your bill reports Cooling Degree Days. It reflects how much temperatures during the month were above 65°. The higher the Cooling Degree Days, the more likely air conditioning was needed.
kWh Used and Average kWh/Day
Kilowatt-hours (kWh) are a measure of how much electricity you’ve used. Your bill shows how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you used this year compared with last year — and the average number of kilowatt-hours used each day.