Who Are These Rates For?

Our electric rates for small commercial and industrial service are designed to serve your business if it uses less than 25kW.

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How Reliable Is The Service These Rates Provide?

Electricity is available whenever you need it. The only exception — as with any electric service — is when unexpected events occur (such as a severe storm or a vehicle hitting a power pole) that make it impossible to deliver power to your home. When UPPCO learns of any outage, we immediately begin efforts to restore power.

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What Charges Are Involved?

Each month, your bill for electric service includes the following charges:

  • Distribution Service – based on the amount of electricity you use. Electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). One kilowatt-hour is equivalent to the amount of power used by 10 100-watt bulbs for one hour.
  • Customer Charge – a fixed charge that does not vary with the amount of electricity you use. The Customer Charge covers the cost of providing safe, reliable electric service. For example, it covers the cost of UPPCO owning, maintaining and reading meters; maintaining equipment; and providing service programs and communication services. It is the minimum amount you will be billed each month.
  • Power Supply Service – Varies with the amount of electricity you use. This usage amount is for the actual electric supply you use.
  • Power Supply Cost – Accounts for any difference in an energy supplier’s costs of producing or purchasing electricity to meet your needs. It appears as a credit or charge on your bill based on how actual costs compare to the Power Supply Service.

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How Are My Charges Calculated?

Several factors can influence your monthly electric use. Major factors that can be measured by UPPCO are summarized in the lower left-hand corner of your monthly bill.

The table below shows current Electric Customer Charges and Energy Charges for commercial electric customers in our Integrated System and Iron River District.

Type of Customer Service Customer Charge Energy Charge
Distribution Service $16.00 per month $0.06314 per kWh
Power Supply Service   $0.11573 per kWh

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