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UPPCO is 1 of 16 Michigan Energy Providers who sponsor state-wide rebate and incentive programs for homes and businesses.

For Community Outreach to Understand the Benefits of Energy Efficiency

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UPPCO 2020 Appliance Recycling Events

Thanks to our customers, UPPCO's Appliance Recycling Events have been extremely well-attended in past years. In 2019, the three hosted events at local scrap-metal yards collected over 925 inefficient appliances that yielded a savings of 697,764 kWh!

This year's Appliance Recycling Pickup Event required requesting an appointment by September 4, 2020.
Please contact UPPCO's Energy Efficiency Program Administrator to inquire about recycling rebates at (906) 232-1428.

Commercial/Industrial Efficiency Programs

In partnership with Efficiency United, UPPCO gives you access to rebates for the equipment you need to improve energy efficiency. It’s a great way to upgrade and improve commercial equipment, and save on energy bills in the long run.

Targeted Rebates / "Prescriptive"

Rebates for the installation of energy efficient products and equipment. Prescriptive programs provide ‘one-for-one’ incentives on high efficiency equipment.

Variable Rebates / "Custom"

Rebates for the installation of innovative and unique energy efficient equipment. They allow for incentives that may not fit into the standard prescriptive model, but more appropriately meet your specific operations and process needs.

Online Commercial Energy Profile

Complete a complimentary Online Energy Audit to learn how to increase the efficiency of your business.
Application Catalog

To get started, visit Efficiency UNITED at:

You can also send an email to:

Energy Efficiency Can Save You Money

Power costs are explained in the Power Distribution Comparison illustration that demonstrates why electricity can cost more in our Upper Peninsula service area. Because the cost of electricity will not dramatically decrease, the very best thing you can do to lower your electric bill is to improve your energy efficiency.

Two factors that cause higher electricity consumption in many Upper Peninsula structures are lack of appropriate insulation and outdated appliances that use much more electricity than newer options.

UPPCO wants to help you make your home more energy efficient so you can lower your energy bills. Check out our Energy Tips to make some small changes that could add up to big savings.

Residential Programs

In partnership with Efficiency United, UPPCO gives you access to rebates for many of the items you need to improve energy efficiency. It’s a great way to upgrade and improve home appliances and systems.

ENERGY STAR® Lighting and Appliance Program

Get rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient lighting and numerous electric appliances, including televisions, ceiling fans and room air conditioners.
Lighting and Appliance Program Application.

Home Performance Program

Earn rebates when you upgrade your HVAC equipment, and take an online energy audit to better understand and manage your home’s energy use.
Space Heating and Cooling Application
Heat Pump Water Heater Application

Appliance Recycling

Recycle your old refrigerator, dehumidifier or window air conditioner, freezer and earn a rebate.
Appliance Recycling

Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

Free weatherization products and services for eligible income qualified customers, contact Efficiency United at:

You can also send an email to: or call (877) 367-3191.