Electric Service Manual for Michigan

The information provided in this manual is in addition to any other regulations which may apply, including various municipal
electric codes and the Michigan Administrative Code. We reserve the right to make revisions in these rules.

*Note Section 3 and Appendix A were updated in March of 2024 to reflect changes due to Michigan adopting the 2020 and 2023 NEC Electrical Code.

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TitleRevision Date
Section 1
1-2Territory Maps
1-3Contact Information
Section 2
2-1Basic Electric Clearances - Services
2-2Miscellaneous Clearances
2-3Antenna Clearances
2-4Location of Pad mount Transformers Near Buildings
2-5Working Clearances / Protective Posts for Pad mount Transformers
2-6Multiple Metering
2-7Residential Deck / Other
2-8Unmetered Street Lighting Decorations
2-9CATV Power Supplies
Section 3
General Metering and Services03/2024
3-1Company Metering Policies
3-2General Metering Requirements
3-3Multiple Occupancy Metering / Cell Towers
3-4Meter Protection from Snow and Ice
Section 4
Single-Phase Metering03/2022
4-1Overhead Service Requirements
4-2Underground Service Requirements
4-3Services 400-800 Amp - CT Metering
4-4Overhead Service - Meter Poles/Posts
4-5Mobile Home Services
4-6Temporary Services/Construction Power
4-7120/208 Volt Service (100-200 Amp)
Section 5
Three-Phase Metering03/2022
5-1General Three-Phase Requirements
5-2200 Amp - 320 Amp Three-Phase Overhead
5-3400 Amp - 3000 Amp Three-Phase Overhead - CT Metered
5-4200 Amp - 320 Amp Three-Phase Underground
5-5400 Amp - 3000 Amp Underground - CT Metered in Pad mounted Transformer
5-6400 Amp - 3000 Amp Underground - CT Metered in CT Cabinet
5-7Space Required to Terminate in Service Entrance Panels & Switchgear
5-8Termination Enclosures
5-9Large CT Installation, Bus Bars - 2500-3000 Amp - Meter in Switchgear
5-10Large CT Installation, Doughnuts - 2500-3000 Amp - Meter in Switchgear
5-11Standard Pad for 75-2500 KVA Pad mount Transformers
5-12Large Concrete Pad for 3750-5000 KVA Pad mount Transformers
5-13Primary Metering
Section 6
Policies, Code, Miscellaneous08/2021
6-1Company Policies - General
6-2Company Policies - Utilization of Equipment
6-3State Regulatory Agencies
Section 7
Interconnects and Distributed Generation08/2021
7-1Standby Generation
7-2Parallel Generation
Appendix A
UPPCO Meter Base Requirements03/2024
A-1100-200 Amp Single-Phase UG
A-2100-200 Amp Single-Phase UG with Main
A-3100-200 Amp Single-Phase OH
A-4Multi-occupancy dwelling
A-5320 Class / 400 Amp Single-Phase OH
A-6320 Class / 400 Amp Single-Phase UG
A-7320 Class / 400 Amp Single-Phase UG with two 200A Main Breakers
Appendix B
Reference of Helpful Information08/2021
B-1State Code Information
B-2Lightning Protection
B-3Energy Conversion Factors
B-4Basic Calculations
B-5Maximum Fault Currents
B-6Mobile Home Services
B-7Multiple Metering
B-8Conduit Policy for Underground Services
B-9Fire Protection Systems Codes
Appendix C
Maintenance Only Information08/2021
C-1Residential Electric Water Heater Service Entrance (Maintenance Only)
C-2120 Volt Meter Socket (Maintenance Only)
C-3Foundation Penetrations