Hydro Water Levels

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Water Levels Last Updated on 01/20/2020 04:50:00 ET

Dead River
Silver Lake
Head Water Level 1479.60 feet
Tail Water Level 1457.42 feet
Total Flow 50.00 cfs
Head Water Level 1338.20 feet
Tail Water Level 1197.06 feet
Total Flow 203 cfs
Head Water Level 1195.91 feet
Total Flow 194 cfs
Ontonagon River
Bond Falls
Head Water Level 1473.09 feet
Middle Branch Flow 184 cfs
Canal System Flow 134 cfs
Head Water Level 895.98 feet
Tail Water Level 693.70 feet
Total Flow (Flow being displayed is a combination of Powerhouse and Bypass Reach in most cases) 676 cfs
Sturgeon River
Head Water Level 768.12 feet
Tail Water Level 714.12 feet
Total Flow 402 cfs
Escanaba River
Boney Falls
Head Water Level 906.28 feet
Tail Water Level 858.93 feet
Total Flow 677 cfs
Dam 3
Head Water Level 665.67 feet
Tail Water Level 637.60 feet
Total Flow 756.83 cfs
Dam 1
Head Water Level 604.10 feet
Tail Water Level 573.30 feet
Total Flow 697.07 cfs

Data courtesy of Energy Supply and Control

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