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Regulatory Information

UPPCO is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).





Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) is requesting Michigan Public Service Commission approval of the company’s request to review and amend certain rates and conditions of service. This regulatory filing was submitted on September 8, 2022. If approved, the filing will address the under-recovery of revenue necessary to operate the electric utility. This under-receovery is being driven by:

  • Significant increases in the cost of equipment, materials, supplies, and labor related to the company’s capital projects;
  • Investments being made in existing infrastructure (poles, wires, electrical devices, technology, etc.) that enable the safe, efficient, and reliable delivery of energy to the customer;
  • Construction of system upgrades and new infrastructure necessary to support load growth and economic development throughout the region;
  • Increased operating expenses (fuel for company vehicles, tree trimming and vegetation management, contractors, non-capital materials and supplies, metering, routine maintenance performed on the company’s distribution and generation assets, etc.); and
  • Revenue adjustments that are non-operational in nature, as set forth in previous Commission Orders. These offsets account for approximately 1/3 of the amount that is being requested by the company.
The filing includes an updated cost-of-service study/rate-design and presents a plan that provides safe, reliable energy to the company’s customers. The MPSC has 10 months to review UPPCO’s proposal and issue its decision in the case. A decision is expected in July 2023. Any adjustments to customers’ rates resulting from the decision would go into effect after the Commission's Order has been issued.


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UPPCO Rates and Tariff
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