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The UPPCO Customer Handbook provides details about UPPCO's services, billing and payments, assistance, and other information relevant to customers.

UPPCO Rates and Tariff

Approved by Michigan Public Service Commission

UPPCO’s rates are certified and approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. To view the most current schedule of rates and MPSC regulations governing the sale of electricity by UPPCO, visit the MPSC website here. Power costs are explained in the Power Distribution Comparison illustration that demonstrates why electricity can cost more in our Upper Peninsula service area.

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Electric Customer Choice

Since January 2002, all electric customers in the state of Michigan have the option of choosing the company that provides their electric supply. As a customer of UPPCO, we want you to know what these energy choices may mean to you.

Background Information

On June 3, 2000, Michigan Governor John Engler signed into law the Customer Choice and Electric Reliability Act (Act 141). Since then, legislators, consumers and energy suppliers have worked together to put into place program details and protective guidelines that will help customers benefit from these new energy choices.

There are two key reasons why customers won’t find many other alternative energy supply options. One is due to the Upper Peninsula’s limited market size. A new supplier would have to build a small generating plant to serve the area, and a small plant would have a hard time competing with larger plants that typically cost less to operate. Second, the transmission lines that deliver electricity to the U.P. are already at capacity. A new

Alternative Electric Suppliers

Changes to Your Energy Bill

Customers will see separate charges for both supply and delivery on their bill. This is in an effort to help you better understand your energy costs.

The charges associated with energy delivery (distribution) are:

Average Fuel Mix Comparisons

As a Michigan resident, you have the option to choose the company that provides your electric supply. This stems frrom the Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act that took effect January 1, 2002. When choosing a supplier, you should know the sources of generation different companies may have. Included here is information about the UPPCO fuel mix and emissions, compared to other regions.

CAP Tracking System

Michigan Electric Choice participation is limited to 10% of UPPCO’s weather adjusted sales for the previous calendar year. Shown below is the load available to be served by an Alternative Electric Supplier (AES) and current participation levels.

For more information call UPPCO at (906) 449-2013 / (800) 562-7680 or visit the
Michigan Public Service Commission website.