NOTICE: If you elect to disconnect 60-amp service you will no longer be able to reconnect service until you upgrade to 100-amp service. (This does not apply to service that has been disconnected due to non-payment.)

Start/Stop/Transfer Service

Need to start a service and become a new UPPCO customer?


Customers who already have an online account:
Moving? Need to stop your current service?
You have the ability to start, stop or transfer service to a new address immediately!
Login to your account on the UPPCO Customer Online Portal to get started and once logged in, click on the Start/Stop/Transfer Service tile:

Existing customers WITHOUT an online account:
Existing customers who don't currently have an online account have a few options. You can do any of the following:

  1. Setup your online account here.
    Once you've got access to your account, you can follow the directions above to start/stop/transfer service.
  2. Fax your request to start/stop/transfer service to UPPCO Customer Service.
    UPPCO Customer Service Fax: (906) 485-2431
  3. Call us to start/stop/transfer service to a new location. 
    Residential: (906) 449-2013 or (800) 562-7680
    Business: (906) 449-2014 or (800) 337-8445

Do you need to start a service and become a new UPPCO customer?
Individuals that need to request new service have two options:

  1. Online Request for New Service
  2. Call us to start/stop/transfer service to a new location. 
    Residential: (906) 449-2013 or (800) 562-7680
    Business: (906) 449-2014 or (800) 337-8445



New Service (New Construction/Upgrade/Relocations)

Complete an application and submit to UPPCO for the following electric service requests:

  • Installing new electric service to your property.
  • Upgrading existing electric service at your property.
  • Relocating existing electric service at your property.
  • Installing yard lights at your property (see Outdoor Lighting further down on this page).

3 Steps For A Timely Service Installation

Step 1: Submit the following at least two (2) weeks prior to any excavation.

For questions and information regarding your new or upgraded electric service please see UPPCO's Electric Service Manual.

Service Application - The Service Application includes a property site sketch and liability waiver.
*We want to make applying for new electric service easy and hassle-free. One of the most critical pieces of information we need to have is a completed Property Site Sketch and Liability Waiver form. Please note that work will not proceed on your service installation until a completed form is received by UPPCO.

Email your documents to:

Fax to: (906) 485-2431

Mail to:
Upper Peninsula Power Company
500 N Washington St
Ishpeming, MI 49849

The detailed Property Site Sketch and Liability Waiver must contain the following, if applicable:

  • Signature of the property owner or the authorized representative.
  • Customer name, service address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number.
  • Name of road the building front faces and nearest crossroad.
  • Building site dimensions in feet.
  • Footage building is set back from road and lot lines.
  • Footprint of structure.
  • North orientation.
  • Desired electric meter location and footages from nearest corner of livable space. Note: Position the meter location to avoid any conflicts with building windows, doors, decks and sources of ignition. The company will make final determination of meter location based on applicable building, fuel and electrical codes.
  • Wells and private water lines including underground sprinkler systems with connecting lines to the buildings.
  • Municipal water and sewer laterals.
  • Septic tank with primary and alternate drain fields (private sanitary system) with connecting lines to building.
  • LP fuel lines/tanks with connecting lines to buildings.
  • External wood furnaces and associated buried heating with connecting lines to buildings.
  • Geo thermal heat pumps with connecting lines to buildings.
  • Buried sump pump lines and down spouts.
  • Location of porches, patios, decks and outbuildings (including future plans),
  • Location of all private underground facilities, including, but not limited to: private fuel runs, private electric wires, private communication wires and others.
Step 2: These requirements must be met before scheduling your service installation:
  • The construction site and building foundation must be back-filled to within 6” of final grade.
  • The service route is to be cleared 10’ wide of brush, building materials, etc.
  • The electric meter base must be installed.
  • If a cement pad for the transformer was poured, the pad must be cured for ten (10) days.
  • A county electrical inspection is required.
  • Any private underground facilities must be marked, and paths located.
  • Permits and easements need to be signed and on file with UPPCO when determined necessary by the utility.
  • All service construction charges must be paid in advance of construction.

Final building site plans for new construction may be sent by either of the below methods.

Email: (The electronic version must be in Microstation or Autocad format.)

Postal Mail:
Upper Peninsula Power Company

500 N Washington Street
Ishpeming, MI 49849

Step 3: Notify us when you believe you have met the service installation requirements.
  • UPPCO will verify the site is ready. Once it is confirmed that installation requirements have been met, UPPCO will make every effort to install and energize within 15 business days.

Winter Construction Information

Winter Construction Charge

As you plan for your service installation project, please be aware of the following Winter Construction Charges rules:

  • The Winter Construction Charge will be waived by UPPCO if our underground contractors do not actually charge us for winter construction conditions.
  • Winter Construction Charges are in addition to any other applicable charges, and are non-refundable, except as noted in our service rules.
  • A customer’s premises and/or the construction site is deemed to be ready for underground facilities installation when the dwelling foundation wall is installed and back-filled; and a trench route is cleared and graded to within 6″ of the final grade
  • Subdivision Customers - Winter Construction costs will be charged for any underground facilities installed in our service territory between November 1 and April 15, except as follows. The Winter Construction Charge will not be charged if the customer’s application is received by UPPCO prior to September 1, the customer’s premises and/or the construction site is ready for underground facilities installation prior to October 1, and we receive the total advance customer payment required for the installation of facilities prior to October 1.
  • Non-Subdivision Customers - Winter Construction costs will be charged for any underground facilities installed in our service territory between November 1 and April 15, except as follows. The Winter Construction Charge will not be charged if the application is received by UPPCO prior to September 15, the customer’s premises and/or the construction site is ready for underground facilities installation prior to October 15, and the company receives the total advance customer payment required for the installation of facilities prior to October 15.

Reading Your Meter

How Your Meter Is Read

Upper Peninsula Power Company is permitted to read residential meters bi-monthly. While we make every effort to obtain actual readings for customers that are scheduled to be read, occasionally we may have to estimate due to access issues or other unforeseen circumstances.

Any difference will be automatically adjusted after your next actual meter reading.

To avoid an estimated bill, many customers prefer to provide meter readings covering the months that we do not take an actual reading. The next scheduled UPPCO meter reading date is listed as Next Meter Read Date on page two of your bill. To ensure that your reading can be used for billing, we encourage customers to call (800) 562-7680 or email with their meter reading no later than the day of the next meter read date. You can also contact us to obtain meter reading cards. However, cards containing readings must arrive at UPPCO before the next meter read date.

The reading in the example below is 94838:

Reading your electric meter is straightforward. For mechanical meters, the dials, which look like little clocks, alternately run clockwise and counterclockwise. Reading from left to right, write down the last number the needle has passed. If the needle is between two numbers, UPPCO will use the lower of the two numbers. When the needle is between a 9 and 0, the 9 is used. As an example, the correct reading concerning the dials above is 94838.* The difference between the new reading and the previous reading is your monthly energy use.

*Dial 4 is still read as a 3 despite the needle being on 4 because the dial to its right has not passed 0.

Residential Digital Meters

UPPCO digital meters will scroll through a number of different screens while operating. Your energy consumption will appear as five or six digits on the screen. Ignore any screens that contain all 0s and all 8s.

If you choose to submit your own meter-reads on estimated months, UPPCO has three convenient ways you can get them to us:

1.) Submit your meter-read using the UPPCO Customer Online Portal. Login to your account HERE.

2.) Email your meter-read to UPPCO Customer Service at this address:

3.) Submit by calling UPPCO Customer Service at (906) 449-2013 / (800) 562-7680.


Advanced Metering and the Smart Energy Initiative

UPPCO's Smart Energy program launched in 2018. We're working to improve reliability and deliver enhanced customer service. To learn more about the Smart Energy Initiative, smart meters and what it means for you, visit the Smart Energy page.

UPPCO Rates and Tariff

Approved by Michigan Public Service Commission

UPPCO’s rates are certified and approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. To view the most current schedule of rates and MPSC regulations governing the sale of electricity by UPPCO, visit the MPSC website here. Power costs are explained in the Power Distribution Comparison illustration that demonstrates why electricity can cost more in our Upper Peninsula service area.

Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E

Section F


Electric Customer Choice

Since January 2002, all electric customers in the state of Michigan have the option of choosing the company that provides their electric supply. As a customer of UPPCO, we want you to know what these energy choices may mean to you.

Background Information

On June 3, 2000, Michigan Governor John Engler signed into law the Customer Choice and Electric Reliability Act (Act 141). Since then, legislators, consumers and energy suppliers have worked together to put into place program details and protective guidelines that will help customers benefit from these new energy choices.

Alternative Electric Suppliers

There are two key reasons why customers won’t find many other alternative energy supply options. One is due to the Upper Peninsula’s limited market size. A new supplier would have to build a small generating plant to serve the area, and a small plant would have a hard time competing with larger plants that typically cost less to operate. Second, the transmission lines that deliver electricity to the U.P. are already at capacity. A new

Changes to Your Energy Bill

Customers will see separate charges for both supply and delivery on their bill. This is in an effort to help you better understand your energy costs.

The charges associated with energy delivery (distribution) are:

Average Fuel Mix Comparisons

As a Michigan resident, you have the option to choose the company that provides your electric supply. This stems frrom the Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act that took effect January 1, 2002. When choosing a supplier, you should know the sources of generation different companies may have. Included here is information about the UPPCO fuel mix and emissions, compared to other regions.

CAP Tracking System

Michigan Electric Choice participation is limited to 10% of UPPCO’s weather adjusted sales for the previous calendar year. Shown below is the load available to be served by an Alternative Electric Supplier (AES) and current participation levels.

For more information call UPPCO at (906) 449-2013 / (800) 562-7680 or visit the
Michigan Public Service Commission website.

Outdoor Lighting example on a boardwalk

Outdoor Lighting

NOTICE: Effective February 1, 2019, all customers with lights eligible/included in the LED upgrade project had the per fixture charge for their outdoor lighting changed to the approved LED rate on their monthly statement. UPPCO is accelerating our normal 5-Year outdoor lighting maintenance schedule to upgrade all outdoor LED lights within two to three years. In addition, the kilowatt-hour savings of the LED fixtures is being passed on to customers immediately, regardless of when the light fixture is changed.

If you would like outdoor lighting for your home, we’ll recommend a lighting system to suit your needs and handle all installation and wiring. Creating an outdoor lighting system that’s efficient, well-planned and suited to your situation is easy with help from UPPCO.

LED lighting is currently the most energy efficient. As such, all UPPCO outdoor lighting options are now LED.

*UPPCO will not install a light fixture onto to a customer-owned structure or pole. If you would like the outdoor lighting option, UPPCO must install the pole and fixture.

Dusk-to-Dawn Security Light

The Dusk-to-Dawn security light has a 360-degree light pattern that provides security at low cost. It’s an ideal option for rural homes on large lots.
Details Equivalent Wattages Available
  • Private or municipal lighting
  • 100 watt
  • Round light pattern
  • 150 watt
    250 watt
  • Directional light pattern
  • 400 watt

    Shoebox Light

    If you need overhead lighting for a parking lot or small park, shoebox lights are often just what you need. These fixtures mount on top of poles to provide light from above.
    Details Equivalent Wattages Available
  • Parking lot and general street lighting
  • 250 watt
  • Round light pattern
  • Directional light pattern
  • 400 watt

    Powerflood Floodlight

    The Powerflood floodlight projects a high concentration of light to a focused area, making it ideal for grounds and parking lots. Floodlights can be configured in a variety of ways to meet specific coverage needs, such as on building facades and in barn and loading areas. Some floodlights can have a beam spread of up to 120 degrees. It can illuminate a larger amount of space with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight.
    Details Equivalent Wattages Available
  • Building lighting, flags, signage and parking lots
  • 250 watt
  • Directional light pattern
  • Directional light pattern
  • 400 watt

    Cobra Area Light

    The Cobra area light fixture provides an oval-shaped light pattern that’s ideal for improving the safety and security of long, rural driveways and barnyards. It is designed to focus light on the area you choose, while minimizing light that could affect a neighbor.
    Details Equivalent Wattages Available
  • General street lighting
  • 100 watt
  • Long narrow light pattern
  • 150 watt
    250 watt
  • Directional light pattern
  • 400 watt

    For More Information on Outdoor Lighting from UPPCO

    UPPCO Customer Service

    (906) 449-2013 / (800) 562-7680


    UPPCO Green

    UPPCO Green ensures the energy you use comes from UPPCO hydroelectric renewable generation

    When you join UPPCO Green,, you’re making a bold commitment to environmental stewardship. That’s because the energy you purchase through UPPCO Green comes from clean, safe, locally produced hydroelectric facilities. It’s an affordable way to invest in a sustainable future, with no need to make significant changes or purchase equipment.

    Click here to learn more about our hydroelectric capabilities and benefits to the community.

    Joining UPPCO Green helps to:

    • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels
    • Cut down on greenhouse gas emissions
    • Preserve resources for future generations
    • Earn LEED certification points
    • Support continued production and expansion of local renewable energy resources

    Customer Handbook