UPPCO Donation/Sponsorship Application

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  • An email address is required. UPPCO needs to be able to respond to requests when we have questions or require additional information from your organization. There tends to be a lot of back and forth with phone calls/messages and we have found communicating with requesting organizations via email with the ability to respond at any time to be the most efficient.
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  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    A W-9 form for your organization is required whether you upload it now, or email it to donations@uppco.com.
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    You must upload or email (to donations@uppco.com) a W-9 form for your organization. THIS IS REQUIRED. If we do not have your W-9, we can not produce a check. If your W-9 is missing from the application, we do not have the capacity to track down each organization and request it. Please be sure to submit this information.

    Helpful Information for Any Request

    Please send any supporting documentation such as a sponsorship letter, contributor forms, etc.