MI 211, From Hello to Help: Equitable Access to Utilities

March 27, 2024  |  News

Recently, Andrew McNeally, Manager of Energy Solutions, sat down with Sarah Kile of Michigan 211 to discuss energy usage on the podcast From Hello to Help: Equitable Access to Utilities. Sarah Discusses that help with energy bills are the number one call to 211 and what that looks like in UP. Andrew provides information about resources for energy support, assistance for low-income customers, energy efficiency, and emergency preparedness.

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To learn more about Michigan 211 or to look for resources, dial 211 or click the image below.

UPPCO is the Upper Peninsula’s largest electric utility serving approximately 52,000  customers across 4,460 square miles. UPPCO and its predecessors have excelled at  providing dependable service and safe, reliable energy to its valued customers for more than 135 years.