MI 211, From Hello to Help: Equitable Access to Utilities

March 27, 2024

Recently, Andrew McNeally, Manager of Energy Solutions, sat down with Sarah Kile of Michigan 211 to discuss energy usage on the podcast From Hello to Help: Equitable Access to Utilities. Sarah Discusses that help with energy bills are the number one call to 211 and what that looks like in UP. Andrew provides information about…

2023 Home Heating Credit Tax Form Now Available

February 19, 2024

Each year, Michigan helps low-income families pay some of their heating expenses by way of the Home Heating Credit. Many unique circumstances can lead to eligibility for the credit. CLICK HERE to see complete Home Heating Credit Information on the State of Michigan website. If your home uses electric heat, CLICK HERE to download the…

UPPCO Urges Caution Around Hydroelectric Reservoirs- Water Levels Being Lowered

January 2, 2024

Marquette – As winter settles in across the region, Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) will begin lowering water levels at its hydroelectric reservoirs to prepare for melting snow and precipitation during the spring of 2024. UPPCO’s hydroelectric project licenses are issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and require these water level changes. The…