Apply for a Home Heating Credit (HHC) for the 2017 tax year to help pay winter heating bills if you meet the listed household income guidelines and exemptions. The average HHC for the previous tax year was approximately $171.

Exemptions Income Ceiling
0-1 $13,271
2 $17,871
3 $22,471
4 $27,071
5 $31,671
6 $36,271

Add $4,600 for each additional exemption over 6.

You may claim an exemption for yourself, your spouse, and other dependents. Additional exemptions may also be available.

Forms are generally available in mid-to-late January at other places for tax forms. Call Treasury at 517-636-4486, or visit Some local agencies may provide assistance in completing the form due no later than September 30 each year.

Customers of utilities regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission receive protection from shutoff of their heating fuel service from the time of filing of the HHC form with Treasury until the time Treasury issues the credit. However, you must contact your utility company to let them know you filed for the HHC. You will still be required to pay for the electric service during the shutoff protection period.