You are protected from service shutoff for nonpayment of your electric bill for up to 21 days if you have a proven medical emergency. You must provide written proof from a doctor or notice from a public health official that a medical emergency exists. Either of them can sign an approved Medical Certification Form and return it to UPPCO.

If you or a member of your household requires home medical equipment or a life sustaining system, you must provide documentation from a doctor or medical facility identifying the equipment or system and certifying that a shutoff would be life threatening using our approved form.

If shutoff of service occurred before a medical emergency occurs, a utility will restore service at no cost to you for 21 days. You can obtain an extension of the medical emergency form and a postponement of shutoff of service for a total of 63 days in any 12-month period per household member. Annually, a utility is not required to grant shutoff extensions totaling more than 126 days per household.

Critical care customers will need to, on an annual basis, provide UPPCO with an updated medical certification form. Additionally, you are responsible to notify us if there is a change in status.

A medical postponement doesn’t relieve you of your obligation to pay for utility service. We encourage customers to contact 211 to see if there is assistance available. UPPCO will require you to enter into a reasonable payment plan.

Here is the process to make a request for a medical hold:

1. Notify UPPCO of intent to apply for Medical Emergency Hold.

2. Obtain a Medical Certification Form.

3. Section 1 is to be completed by the resident of the household requiring the Medical Emergency Hold or by the legal parent or guardian if the patient is under the age of 18.

4. Section 2 is to be completed by UPPCO’s customer of record.

5. Section 3 is to be completed by physician or Public Health Official.

6. Complete and legible forms must be returned to UPPCO within 3 business days.

Contact UPPCO at 800-562-7680 or 906-449-2013 for more information.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATION FORM HERE (see attachment) Medical Certification Form