Efficiency United, in partnership with UPPCO, offers energy-efficiency rebates and programs to help homeowners reduce their energy use and costs.


    • Residential ENERGY STAR® Electric Program
      Get rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient lighting and numerous electric appliances, including televisions, as well as ceiling fans and room air conditioners.
    • Home Performance Program
      Earn rebates when you upgrade your HVAC equipment, and take an online energy audit to better understand and manage your home’s energy use.
      Space Heating and Cooling Application
      Heat Pump Water Heater Application
    • Appliance Recycling
      Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer and earn a rebate.
      Appliance Recycling
    • Energy-Efficiency Assistance Program
      Free weatherization products and services for eligible limited-income customers.

Commercial & Industrial

    • Prescriptive
      Rebates for the installation of energy efficient products and equipment. Prescriptive programs provide ‘one-for-one’ incentives of high efficiency equipment.
    • Custom
      Rebates for the installation of innovative and unique energy efficient equipment. This allows for incentives that may not fit into the standard prescriptive model and more appropriately meets the needs of the customer’s specific operations and processes.
    • Online Commercial Energy Profile
      Complete a complimentary Online Energy Audit to learn how to increase the efficiency of your business.


To get started, visit Efficiency UNITED at efficiencyunited.com. You can also send an email to info@efficiencyUnited.com or call 877-367-3191.