Reading your electric meter is pretty easy. The dials, which look like little clocks, alternately run clockwise and counterclockwise. Reading from left to right, just write down the last number the needle has passed. The difference between the new reading and the last one is your monthly energy use.

The reading in the example below is 94838:

Sample Meter with Reading of 94838

Estimated Readings

Although we make every effort to read as many meters as possible each month, our current process requires bi-monthly meter readings. When we estimate your bill, we base the readings on past usage and recent weather conditions. Any differences automatically will be made up for at your next actual meter reading.

Submitting Meter Readings – (Coming Soon – Enter your reading online)

Some customers prefer to phone in readings or send in meter reading cards on the months that we do not take an actual reading. Your next scheduled reading date is noted on your monthly bill. To ensure that your reading is used for billing, we encourage customers to call or email the reading on the scheduled reading date. You can contact us for meter reading cards.