How Your Meter Is Read

Upper Peninsula Power Company is permitted to read residential meters bi-monthly. While we make every effort to obtain actual readings for customers that are scheduled to be read, occasionally we may have to estimate due to access issues or other unforeseen circumstances.
Every other month UPPCO estimates the reading of your meters. When your bill is estimated, the reading is based upon past usage from a similar time period. Any difference will be automatically trued up after your next actual
meter reading.

To avoid an estimated bill, many customers prefer to provide meter readings covering the months that we do not take an actual reading. The next scheduled UPPCO meter reading date is listed as Next Meter Read Date on page two of your bill. To ensure that your reading can be used for billing, we encourage customers to call (800-562-7680) or email ( us with their meter reading no later than the day of the next meter read date. You can also contact us to obtain meter reading cards. However, cards containing readings must arrive at UPPCO before the next meter read date.

The reading in the example below is 94838:

Sample Meter with Reading of 94838

Reading your electric meter is straightforward. For mechanical meters, the dials, which look like little clocks, alternately run clockwise and counterclockwise. Reading from left to right, write down the last number the needle has passed. If the needle is between two numbers, UPPCO will use the lower of the two numbers. When the needle is between a 9 and 0, the 9 is used. As an example, the correct reading concerning the dials above is 94838.* The difference between the new reading and the previous reading is your monthly energy use.

*Dial 4 is still read as a 3 despite the needle being on 4 because the dial to its right has not passed 0.

Residential Digital Meters

UPPCO digital meters will scroll through a number of different screens while operating. Your energy consumption will appear as five or six digits on the screen. Ignore any screens that contain all 0s and all 8s.

Sample Meter with Reading of 94838