As a Michigan resident, you have the option to choose the company that provides your electric supply. This stems frrom the Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act that took effect January 1, 2002. When choosing a supplier, you should know the sources of generation different companies may have. Included here is information about the UPPCO fuel mix and emissions, compared to other regions.

Percentage of Fuel Type Used to Produce Electricity: UPPCO vs. Regional Average*

The information shown in the tables includes data for different time periods, due to the availability of such data. In making energy purchase decisions, you may find it more helpful to compare the fuel mix data of individual suppliers to that of other individual suppliers, rather than comparing the fuel mix of any one supplier to the regional fuel mix.

Fuel Source UPPCO Average Regional Average*
Coal 45.75 54.97
Nuclear 21.40 25.72
Natural Gas 10.64 12.78
Oil 0.74 0.60
Hydroelectric 17.11 0.70
Renewable Fuels 4.36 5.23
Biofuel 0.60 0.72
Biomass 0.41 0.49
Solar 0.04 0.05
Solid Waste Incineration** 0.05 0.06
Wind 2.84 3.41
Wood 0.42 0.50

* Regional Average: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin

** Includes landfill gas

  • The information shown is for the UPPCO system, which includes generation in Michigan but does not include generation of any of its affiliate companies. It is for the period of Sept 2014 through Aug 2015. The regional information is for the 12-month period of Oct 2014 through Sept 2015.
  • Solid Waste Incineration includes landfill gas.
  • The fuel mix data for the electricity supplied to you by UPPCO includes regional average fuel mix data from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin as a proxy for the actual fuel mix of certain electricity purchased by UPPCO. This is because the actual fuel mix of that purchased electricity could not be discerned. Purchased electricity accounted for 83.18% of the electricity supplied by UPPCO during the relevant period.

Airborne Emissions and High-Level Nuclear Waste Comparison: UPPCO vs. Regional Average*

Type of Emission/Waste UPPCO Average Regional Average*
Sulfur Dioxide 0.58 7.56
Carbon Dioxide* 2,503.7 2,170
Oxides of Nitrogen 13.3 2.01
High-Level Nuclear Waste 0.0083

* Regional Average: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin

  • The regional information for sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides is for the 12-month period of Sept 2013 through Aug 2014. The UPPCO information is for the 12-month period of Jan 2014 through Dec 2014.
  • Carbon Dioxide emissions for the historical years 1998-2008 have been revised by EIA due to changes in emission factors.
  • High-Level Nuclear Waste is based on discharged fuel for a time frame span approximately two years in length, ending in 2002.