Welcome to your new bill! We’ve designed your monthly bill to be clear and easy-to-read. Take a moment to read through the sample bill below and descriptions of its different parts to learn what has changed.

Reading Your Bill

  1. 1. Contact information located at top for easy reference, followed by your name and service address for billing.
  2. 2. Your account number, due date, and amount due.
  3. 3. Usage graph and cost comparison chart.
  4. 4. Account Summary section showing your previous balance and payment plus current charges and balance.
  5. 5. Special messages

Reading Your Bill

  1. 6. Easy to find amount due and due date on payment stub with payment mailing address.
  2. 7. Rate, meter number, meter reading and dates, usage, and next reading date at a glance.
  3. 8. Energy charge descriptions
  4. 9. Detailed energy charges
  5. 10. Back of payment stub providing helpful information and a local cash payment option.

To understand your bill even more, view our billing terms.

If you have any questions about your bill, please contact us.